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Applicazione tacco, finitura azzurra

Blue Finished Heel

The charm of a shoe is in the detail and this is why a heel can determine its appeal. The production and the chrome plating are the special features that highlight a unique, handcrafted skill and a ...
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Cerniera per borsa, finitura argento

Silver Bag Clasp

A handbag can be simply functional, or an extra quality can be added to make it beautiful. A clasp or a silver outline can transform a nondescript bag into an elegant accessory of unmistakable style, ...
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Cerniera per borsa, finitura oro.

Golden Bag Clasp

Aesthetics and functionality are the characteristics that best summarise the Metalmoda bag outline and clasp. lt is the production that takes into account the harmony of the model whilst not leaving ...
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Tacco, finitura oro

Golden Heel

The golden heel is a real trademark of Metalmoda. In addition to giving light and sophistication to the shoe on which it is mounted, the true characteristic of this type of heel is the chromium ...
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Tacco, finitura argento

Silver Heel

The brilliance of the silver and the femininity of a heel represent a blend of style and elegance. This is what Metalmoda had in mind when they made the silver heel, a refined detail that complements ...
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Maniglia per borsa, finitura tartatuga

Walnut Effect Handles

The conspicuous collaboration with internationally renowned designers to create accessories for high fashion, as well as the study of techniques and craftsmanship by Metalmoda, has meant that the ...
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Gold and Black Metal Necklace

Metalmoda is also able to apply their knowledge of methods and processes to the production of jewellery. The double production necklace in gold and black metal is a simple, but sophisticated ...
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Twisted Necklace

Jewellery with subtle lines, but with finely produced detail, is made by Metalmoda. Among the collection, the double knit necklace stands out, contrasting gold and silver and producing a ...
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Chiusura per borse

Handbag lock

To make a handbag special, a masterfully crafted lock may just be enough. lt is often high fashion that has unconventional demands and Metalmoda, with great pleasure, tries to interpret those demands ...
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