Metalmoda designs and produces metal accessories far the high fashion industry, notably far clothing and leather products. A long history of craftsmanship and complex manufacturing represents the knowhow of the company. Over the last few years, Metalmoda has learned how to enhance the quality of their work thanks to a vast industriai organisation, which is attentive to deadlines and respects the high standard of workmanship, which is a true hallmark of the company. The investment into designing their own lines, advanced machinery, expertise in developing industriai design and in using a CAD system, and the production of non-conventional materials, has allowed Metal moda to present itself as a reliable, flexible partner which is able to execute the most sophisticated of orders, such as those from big fashion brands. The future aim of the company is a consolidation of its reference market, with penetration into new segments, by using a strategy that facuses on the characteristic elements of the company identity: quality, flexibility and punctuality.

Metalmoda has always adopted a versatile working method which allows it to compete with constantly evolving sectors, just like those in high fashion, haute couture and pret-a-porter. lt is a multifaceted company which manages to keep up with the most eclectic requests thanks to their ability to experiment with manufacturing and techniques, in arder to always find new solutions. Since Metalmoda became a benchmark far the production of metal accessories, the company has evolved thanks to the ability to create products which started out as other types of materials, and to always be cutting edge.
With the internal department being dedicateci to design and development, Metalmoda works, simultaneously, as much in research as it does in consultancy. In fact, thanks to specialised staff, composed of designers with great computer fool skills and professionals competent in technical and processed materials, the company is able to provide advice and to propose possible changes in products and projects already in piace.


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