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“Made in ltaly” is the only way that a company working in the high fashion industry can ensure they distinguish themselves in the market and Metalmoda is appreciated for this very reason. Specialising in designing and manufacturing metal accessories for clothing, leather goods and bags, the Valdarno company is established in the fashion industry due to its know-how, consisting of craftsmanship and complex production which nowadays has become rare and, therefore, must be preserved.

More and more fashion houses of international repute choose Metalmoda for metal supplies that characterise products and accessories of great charm and extreme trend.



The last years have marked a significant growth for the company that has enhanced the quality of their staff even more, thanks to a global industriai organisation, which is attentive to deadlines and respects the high standard of workmanship. Metal moda has developed quality customer service, commitment, innovation and cutting-edge techniques and the product produced from this is truly more elegant and sophisticated than the stylists could have ever hoped.
Metalmoda began as a family business and, despite its development, still maintains its original values. The company’s story is about a father who, when he was little more than a child, became interested in the craftsmanship of raw materials and, as he was good in the workshop, responded to more refined techniques, developing his skill, knowledge and awareness little by little. After years spent alongside craftsmen, that boy, who had become, an adult decided to make his own way, alone, with the strength he had acquired. Along his entrepreneurial journey, he then involved his children, to whom he taught the same skills passed on to him by his teachers and his passion for an ancient craft, which was perfectly reinterpretable in the light of contemporaneity.
Metalmoda is a company that has been able to bring together extensive experience and an innovative approach, ensuring that attention was paid to the values of craftsmanship and the most advanced production.


lf the metal components made in ltaly were already considered excellent worldwide, because of the quality of the materials used, Metalmoda has been able to confirm this, by offering itself on the market as a reliable, flexible partner, able to execute the most sophisticated orders.



The two departments, design and production, make Metalmoda a company that can create, design and produce, working in synergy and with the common goal of improving both the quality of workmanship and production times. There are the designers who work in the design office to create models, which will then be the reference samples during the production phase of metallic accessories. Through the use of CAD technology, the company offers its customers the opportunity to create for themselves, out of even a simple hand sketch or graphic draft, the technical and three dimensional design of the desired accessories. The mastery in using such a system and the experience gained will enable designers to also provide advice and to progress in making possible improvements to designs made elsewhere. This department, in addition to being the creative soul of the company, is also the piace to find professional advice. This is thanks to ongoing research here, which applies cutting-edge techniques for both the creation of new products and to operate the redesign of those already existing in production.



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Metalmoda manufactures its products by executing various types of processes, from vibration welding, to buffing, to purification. However, it is in the platings and precision machining that the Valdarno company is distinguished for, in the big world of the production of metals for fashion, ensuring standards of quality and accurate control.
In addition, Metalmoda manufactures products and processes with less conventional materials, at least for the fashion industry, such as wood and plastic materials while maintaining a high quality standard and the guarantee of exclusive creations.


To ensure the high quality of accessory produced, Metalmoda operates a strict and constant control at every stage of the production process and makes use of that craftsmanship which has been handed down from generation to generation, which characterises the craft made in ltaly. Aware of the importance of certifications and of tracking manufactured materials, Metalmoda gives the client documents, which state the presence and volume of metals used in the production of the requested products. This is a practice which emphasizes, once again, the attention and care for the work, in order to deliver only highly guaranteed accessories. The structure and the state of the art equipment have also contributed to the value and to the prestige of the work of Metalmoda, together with competence, efficiency and commitment of those who work there. The excellence of the company is represented by this, by the seamless integration between the different parties.

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